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Don’t ask don’t tell

Eh… I’m not referring to the US military policy which raises a few eyebrows recently…


I’m just trapped into a vicious cycle. A cycle incurred by not telling truth, but not telling lie either, i.e. silent and concealment. It is just concealment, prevent detection, not faking or pretending… OK, pardon me I just started writing my thesis introduction, which I’m required to define terms like “crypsis” (prevent detection) and “masquerade” (pretending to be something else) 😛


First you don’t tell people about the truth. People henceforth thought the “truth” is by default so and so (which is wrong lah), and then people’s thought and perception get deeper and deeper because you don’t tell the truth. And of course it is harder for you to tell the truth because the impact of reality is getting greater and greater, the barrier grows bigger and bigger!


2 things to blame:

1. People always has a “by default” type of perception, like you are human (:P) unless you said otherwise… hmmmm…

2. Things are perhaps easier when you declare outright about the truth!


I always got this attitude, if people don’t ask me about it, I won’t tell, and I won’t make any effort to tell… but recently it seems things are getting worse! Maybe I should be a good boy and always tell the truth… =.=


Hmmm anyway, I must be too deep inside the camouflage studies, how come this entry looks so camouflaged/cryptic… =.=

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  1. Pheng
    July 4, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    Isn’t the post pretty conspicuous that you’ve posted the link on msn, yahoo msg etc? :p

  2. July 4, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    Eh? No lah, I meant the mesej and isi tersirat of the post… LOL

    lihai wor… know the “essence” of “conspicuousness” in camouflage research… should help me write thesis lah… 😛

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