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Teoh Beng Hock…

Someone said, before 16th July, googling his name returned less than 100 entries… After that fateful day, his name give hundreds of thousands of google entries…

I was in Tioman enjoying boozes, snorkellings, (only a few) Ramly burgers / Keropok, boring resort meals, DURIANS (!!!!!) and tiring intertidal surveys (but not complaining lah… :P) when he died.

It was a rather emotional afternoon, 2 days after his death, when I decided to pay RM20 for the resort’s wifi service… When reading the news feed, I was like, who the heck is Teoh Beng Hock?

Malaysia: Politician died (cruelly) under public institution’s eyes – Score 1…

Anyway, it was all history, it’s been a while since I blog… you know, sometimes you feel so sick that you don’t feel like saying or commenting anything. May he rest in peace and bless us that justice and change will one day come to the bolehland.

Oh by the way, Royal commission of enquiry to investigate the interrogation techniques of MACC and Judicial inquest for Teoh’s death? Malaysia apa pun boleh kan? I’m glad I never once thought that the BN/Najib government will change, reform, or bring justice to Teoh… NEVER! But then 65% of Malaysian believed that! Ughhh, good on them…

By the way, the mainstream media started to spin some conspiracy stories regarding his death. According to Lulu, Azmi Sharom responded those nonsense with this:

why he was resting at the MACC building. he was afraid that the DAP led by Sifu Ronnie "Slippery Frog" Liu were going to kill him. Unfortunately for him, the DAP are known to be a crack team of ninja assassins. In fact DAP stands for Devil Assassin Pact. They are more feared than the fabled Hand of Kyoto prefecture.
So, while Teoh was having nasi lemak with his protectors the MACC, a team of ninja assassins, led by Tony "Black Fist Dragon" Pua, and Teresa "Mistress of the Killer Thighs" Kok, sneaked into the building unseen. using their stealth power dressed in baju kurungs, they merged with the other staff of the MACC who were milling about at 9 am.
On the pretext of delivering kueh mueh and pisang goreng, they entered the room where teoh was. But instead of karipap, they had smoke bombs which they threw to distract everyone. Then while Gobind "The Bearded Belly of Iron" Singh, knocked out the MACC heroes with his anaconda squeeze kung fu, the other DAP ninjas struck with the flying guillotine. Unfotunately they missed and it sliced Teoh’s trousers (which is why it is torn).
Then in a final desperate bid Lim "Ancient Tortoise of Death" Kit Siang, kicked teoh with a special spinning heel backward forward high low chopping and blocking kick which threw him out the window.
That is what happened. Sumpah demi UMNO.

Ahhhh well, luckily my MP did not involve in assasinating Teoh… 😉

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