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Merdeka 2009

August 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Ah hmmm, just thought to write something about the independence day this year, and then I remember I started this blog last year during the merdeka day!

So I went back and read through what I’d written…

Yeah, March 8th Political Tsunami was so 2008, and we’re in 2009… That sweet scent of new Malaysia, that glimpse of hope the groundbreaking general election offered, are probably all dead by now…

Isn’t it funny just last year, people were celebrating Anwar’s return to the parliament, and probably being rather optimistic euphoric about his promise that he will gather enough number of frogs (parliamentarian lah) to jump ship and hence the federal government will change…

Instead, we’d since seen about 7 by elections, a legitimate PR state government being changed with 3 frogs, a state ruler ignoring the state constitution removing the MB by his own pleasure, a speaker of the house being dragged out by police…

We saw how our judiciary system fucked up by appearing partial towards the BN, we saw how police and MACC get away with any punishment or action from beating and assaulting the normal citizens. Someone published nude photo of a state cabinet member, someone fell from MACC building and found death after being detained, someone wore black T-shirt and get arrested…

and it gets more and more depressing… Yasmin Ahmad passed away, 72 deaths from H1N1 (Top 10 country among the world), thousands of custodial death which see no head rolling…

Oh, and the religion tension in the country getting worse! MP who stormed into a forum regarding change of religion did not see any disciplinary action, concerts being protested and called to be banned (Michael’s learn to rock! zOMG!), caning woman under syariah law, and protesting relocation of temple by bringing cow head without police action at all(and the organiser said they got no idea where the cow head comes from)!

Too depressing, that I don’t find any good in celebrating the 2009’s Independence day in whatever cheery mood… To me, it’s the perfect time to readjust and replenish the lost hopes, it’s supposedly the time all Malaysians think, IS THE COUNTRY HEADING TO RIGHT DIRECTION?

When will the Malaysia v2.0 finally come? and if there exists a v2.0, what will it be? Could it be even worse?

Sometimes I think Merdeka day is like some sort of drug… that you’ll have a lot of clips and videos (15Malaysia and the video below…) that trying to install some hope and patriotism into you, so that you are ready to withstand another year of depressing bombardment of truth, the sorry state of the country…

A nation in distress, I’m wearing black, and praying for a better year for the country… as for now, I’ll continue to feel sad, and continue to hope that I could do something… bah, Happy 52nd independence day, Malaysia, Salam Merdeka~

I like the fact that the video tries to present the message, Many faces, many voices… just not the One Malaysia thingy… LOL

Everyone has his/her own ideal Malaysia, and everyone works his/her way to contribute to that ideal Malaysia… I believe it’s the many many many Malaysia that gave us this Malaysia… and what am I talking doesn’t seem to make sense… bah~

Perhaps Marion D’Cruz in “Who wants 1Malaysia?” said it better,

I am not interested in 1Malaysia. I am instead interested in Many Malaysias. I am interested in the idea that it is our diversity that is our strength. Not even unity in diversity. Just diversity and inclusiveness. The idea that we are many stories, many ideas, many possibilities, many bodies, many interpretations, multiplicity — all converging and diverging as well. I am interested in the alternative possibilities, the alternative stories, the alternative histories.

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August 22, 2009 1 comment

As part of the 15Malaysia project (kick arse, it’s basically similar to last year’s Malaysian Artiste for unity), the late ( 😥 ) Yasmin Ahmad left us with the short film, Chocolate.

And the making of the short film… made by Pete Teo “in loving memory with Yasmin Ahmad”.

It really takes a while to start understanding (in my own way) what the short film is about… and then you’ll keep thinking about it… keep thinking, then keep watching… and more interpretations come out… and the funny thing is, I really got no idea how to write out what I feel and what I think the film wants to tell…

The front nagging part is strangely (actually, to Malaysian who go Singapore for study, not strange lah) familiar… Not that my mum nagged to me like this before… but the content of the nagging… ahhhhh

I like what she said in the making… Why obliterate hope? Enough of that already… Yeah, vaguely remember there was once talking to my brother about how a TV series ended with a open-and-not-that-happy ending… I was like saying, well this shows some reality mah, always happy ending like very cheesy… and he replied, well you watch movie or TV because you want to live in an imaginary world aren’t you? And shouldn’t this imaginary world be a happy one? If you want reality just go out and watch the world!


Thank you Yasmin, can’t stop being emotional when watching these clips… Maybe it’s because this is your last piece of work left on earth… :(  But yeah, at least you left us with your films…

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Random bits, here and there

August 15, 2009 1 comment

1. Kick arse tune…

The song is a “remake version” (??? I don’t know the correct term lah) of Hoppiholla, funny isn’t it? 😉

Was blog hopping and happen to hear this song, and got to know Chicane, great music. 🙂


2. If I’m a witness, I’ll at least google and check through the meaning of ultra vires, or the personal details of the respondent Karpal Singh. As an attorney, I would provide some readings for the witness, to prepare for the questions in cross examination by the defence counsels…

Am I smart? Am I smart? No lah… they are all bodoh only… “You jangan act macam ultra vires! I sue you sedition then you know!”

Read howsy’s take on the sedition charge, and the meaning of Latin law terms here… 🙂


3. And LADY GAGA ROCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Such a great performer, such a great vocal… Somehow the records are all a bit unsatisfying now because the live version was way better!

SGD 88 for a sloped-downward packed-sardin standing, 1.5 hours of waiting/delaying, 70~80 minutes of performance with no one shouted encore… If it wasn’t Lady Gaga and her great performance… It’s really a bit expensive eh… =.=

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Banning alcohols

August 5, 2009 1 comment

Written this as a reply to some people who thought they are morally superior than others, who said that drinking will lead to road accidents and wife beating etc. These people think that since they don’t drink, then the f*king world should not too. They say it’s preventive, I say it’s f*king moral guarding, which is almost the same as banning hand-holding in public because it will lead to pre-marriage sex which leads to AIDS…


Do you know that driving leads to car accident?

Do you know that smoking leads to lung cancer, mouth cavity cancer?

Or maybe we go a bit further, do you know that asking someone to go to church or mosque will increase the chance of road kill?

It’s about civil liberty, and the rule of law.

There’s no law stating that one can not sell beers (unless it’s duty unpaid beers).

It is also fundamental right for a human to do something, as long as that something is within the boundary of law…

I’m very interested in the research that clearly showed the correlation between drinking and road kill, wife beating and etc. Not that I know of any because I don’t bother to go google… LOL

I’m as a drinker never thought of beating anyone, or drive my car around killing people, Why and who are you to think that I’ll drink and become a killer next minute?

And why and who are you to think that I can’t control myself from drinking?

We have laws to send those who can’t control themselves after drinking and committed crime thereafter into the jail, so why do you need to ban me from drinking? And does it help to ban selling alcohol in certain places, if I’m already can’t control myself from drinking?

Banning alcohol is a totally "religious" idea that try to impose certain moral values onto everyone. Banning alcohol is to assume that every citizen is stupid and not-Allah-fearing that they can’t control themselves. The truth is those who can’t control themselves will do their best in trying to get their hands on alcohols, while those "modest" drinkers will lose their liberty in drinking.

Just one more thing, does banning drug work? It seems like the drug abuse cases are increasing over the years in Malaysia.

Ban sex so that no one gets AIDS please. Since some factions are against the use of condom (which does not protect one from AIDS if not used properly!).

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The more you know…

August 2, 2009 Leave a comment

The more you know, the more you do not know, and it makes you want to know more…

Bah, anyway, last week was a dramatic week. For the first time in my teaching life, I’d got to deal with a group of students that was having infighting…

Funny how a SOCIAL IDIOT who failed his own crisis and conflict management has to “facilitate” the students to deal with the issues… =X  Challenging indeed, but I did henceforth learn more (a little bit more only, I still sux… 😛 ) about this kind of things, and what to do or say when other people are having problems… It is perhaps really important to talk with the person you are having problem with, say the problem out loud and fix it as soon as possible… Hmmm, if only I really could do it, haha~

But sometimes I always ask myself, was it me that my students are having all these infightings? Was it me that my students are not doing well up to my expectation? Did I somehow somewhere sometime do something wrong that result in something like this happened? Maybe I shouldn’t have done this and that and that and this… Maybe I shouldn’t…

Somehow the responsibility in teaching is so HUGE that it makes me wonder if I’d done justice to the student, if the student gets what they want. As a person who is very bothered by what people think about me, I can’t help but wonder what does the student think about me. Will it be something like “such a sohai”, or “oh shyt, he sucks”?! Ouch…

No wonder I don’t quite fancy teaching…

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