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The more you know…

The more you know, the more you do not know, and it makes you want to know more…

Bah, anyway, last week was a dramatic week. For the first time in my teaching life, I’d got to deal with a group of students that was having infighting…

Funny how a SOCIAL IDIOT who failed his own crisis and conflict management has to “facilitate” the students to deal with the issues… =X  Challenging indeed, but I did henceforth learn more (a little bit more only, I still sux… 😛 ) about this kind of things, and what to do or say when other people are having problems… It is perhaps really important to talk with the person you are having problem with, say the problem out loud and fix it as soon as possible… Hmmm, if only I really could do it, haha~

But sometimes I always ask myself, was it me that my students are having all these infightings? Was it me that my students are not doing well up to my expectation? Did I somehow somewhere sometime do something wrong that result in something like this happened? Maybe I shouldn’t have done this and that and that and this… Maybe I shouldn’t…

Somehow the responsibility in teaching is so HUGE that it makes me wonder if I’d done justice to the student, if the student gets what they want. As a person who is very bothered by what people think about me, I can’t help but wonder what does the student think about me. Will it be something like “such a sohai”, or “oh shyt, he sucks”?! Ouch…

No wonder I don’t quite fancy teaching…

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