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Banning alcohols

Written this as a reply to some people who thought they are morally superior than others, who said that drinking will lead to road accidents and wife beating etc. These people think that since they don’t drink, then the f*king world should not too. They say it’s preventive, I say it’s f*king moral guarding, which is almost the same as banning hand-holding in public because it will lead to pre-marriage sex which leads to AIDS…


Do you know that driving leads to car accident?

Do you know that smoking leads to lung cancer, mouth cavity cancer?

Or maybe we go a bit further, do you know that asking someone to go to church or mosque will increase the chance of road kill?

It’s about civil liberty, and the rule of law.

There’s no law stating that one can not sell beers (unless it’s duty unpaid beers).

It is also fundamental right for a human to do something, as long as that something is within the boundary of law…

I’m very interested in the research that clearly showed the correlation between drinking and road kill, wife beating and etc. Not that I know of any because I don’t bother to go google… LOL

I’m as a drinker never thought of beating anyone, or drive my car around killing people, Why and who are you to think that I’ll drink and become a killer next minute?

And why and who are you to think that I can’t control myself from drinking?

We have laws to send those who can’t control themselves after drinking and committed crime thereafter into the jail, so why do you need to ban me from drinking? And does it help to ban selling alcohol in certain places, if I’m already can’t control myself from drinking?

Banning alcohol is a totally "religious" idea that try to impose certain moral values onto everyone. Banning alcohol is to assume that every citizen is stupid and not-Allah-fearing that they can’t control themselves. The truth is those who can’t control themselves will do their best in trying to get their hands on alcohols, while those "modest" drinkers will lose their liberty in drinking.

Just one more thing, does banning drug work? It seems like the drug abuse cases are increasing over the years in Malaysia.

Ban sex so that no one gets AIDS please. Since some factions are against the use of condom (which does not protect one from AIDS if not used properly!).

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  1. Yoong
    August 5, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Ban Government and Law so that no one will against the laws and no criminals in this country.

    Malaysia Boleh ! 🙂

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