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As part of the 15Malaysia project (kick arse, it’s basically similar to last year’s Malaysian Artiste for unity), the late ( 😥 ) Yasmin Ahmad left us with the short film, Chocolate.

And the making of the short film… made by Pete Teo “in loving memory with Yasmin Ahmad”.

It really takes a while to start understanding (in my own way) what the short film is about… and then you’ll keep thinking about it… keep thinking, then keep watching… and more interpretations come out… and the funny thing is, I really got no idea how to write out what I feel and what I think the film wants to tell…

The front nagging part is strangely (actually, to Malaysian who go Singapore for study, not strange lah) familiar… Not that my mum nagged to me like this before… but the content of the nagging… ahhhhh

I like what she said in the making… Why obliterate hope? Enough of that already… Yeah, vaguely remember there was once talking to my brother about how a TV series ended with a open-and-not-that-happy ending… I was like saying, well this shows some reality mah, always happy ending like very cheesy… and he replied, well you watch movie or TV because you want to live in an imaginary world aren’t you? And shouldn’t this imaginary world be a happy one? If you want reality just go out and watch the world!


Thank you Yasmin, can’t stop being emotional when watching these clips… Maybe it’s because this is your last piece of work left on earth… :(  But yeah, at least you left us with your films…

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