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September 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Suppose to have a lot of stuff to write… but decided to just write some random points here, guess this is the problem with blogging:

1. Malaysia was formed in 16th September, but Sabah and Singapore declared independence (unilaterally) at 31st August, now I wonder what’s the hoo-ha about “you west Malaysian never respect our independence”…?

2. OK, indeed East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) was and is sidelined by west-Malaysia-centric federal government. But hey come on, the constitution has provided 25% of its parliamentary seats for Sabah and Sarawak states, which forced the West Malaysians look totally like a dumbass. I mean, for us, 70~90k voters get represented by 1 wakil rakyat, and for the East Malaysians, it’s about 20k~50k!

3. “The Persekutuan Tanah Melayu […] is and with God’s blessing shall be for ever a sovereign democratic and independent State founded upon the principles of liberty and justice and ever seeking the welfare and happiness of its people and the maintenance of a just peace among all nations.”, now this is the reason for us to celebrate independent day…

4. Anyway, am totally in Madonna mood right now, just because the freaking HMV in city hall was airing her CD’s songs… 😛

5. How much money would you reserve for your jobless period? Planning to go Manado lah… at least SGD1k… =X

6. It seems like it’s getting more and more emo to walk/eat alone… one year ago I wouldn’t really care if I feel alone and lonely… Hmmmmmmmmm…

7. That being said, things are getting confusing, awfully distracting and the door seems to be shaking… Ah well, it’s hard to be me myself, proven yet again… 😉

8. Oh back to 6 OK? I think eating with friends tend to make you overeat! Like a lot of stuff you won’t usually eat when eating alone, you know, stingray, rojak, ice cream etc… yummy but fatty!!!! And it doesn’t help for being a scavenger like me!!!! EEEeeeeekkkkkk~

9. Finishing thesis in time? yeah, it’s getting hard and harder… Camouflage, cryptic… just when I’m writing a thesis on it, I myself am exhibiting such behaviour… =X

10. Been talking and doing a lot more nonsense nowadays, something is wrong with my brain, oh well…

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Different world

September 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Najib says Malaysia to be symbol of tolerance to world

Errr… hello, dear Hon PM Najib, am I living in a different world than you?

Stop giving feel-good-speech that basically telling the whole world you’re living in a denial already lah

Malaysia is heading down the road to be symbol of whither economy, democracy and judiciary system (which were once being some most respectable)… Malaysia is soon to be symbol of violence, corruption, ignorance and a failure state to world…

And all you’re doing is keep talking as if Malaysia is going to conquer the world just to make people feel good about you huh? All you’re doing is to sweep all the problems Malaysia’s facing under the carpet. All you’re doing is to let your machai (cabinet members, party leaders) to do and say all the dirty things that you want to do, and then you instead come out and say some nice things acting as if you’re good cop?

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September 13, 2009 Leave a comment
藍奕邦 - 自知之明
沒有可愛面孔 不懂嘩眾取寵

沒有趣緻賣相 只得一對手掌
一邊唱一邊彈 平凡變得漂亮


沒有咋舌技倆 都不必太緊張
醜小鴨跟天鵝 同樣發光發亮





沒法逼你欣賞 給我尖叫鼓掌
Totally resonates well with me… :)
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Fish Leong

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment

A Chinese paper column writer had this great article in Sin Chew on this year’s Merdeka day…


Basically he said he was talking to a Malay taxi driver who likes Fish Leong… and of course it turns into discussing race relations…

I like how he talked about race relations here:


It is exactly what I think about race relation, that it doesn’t really mater for me to fill in “Malay”, “Chinese” or “Indian” or whatever on forms and documents, that it doesn’t really matter for people to identify himself/herself as Iban or Kadazan or Orang Asli… What really matters, is we treat each other as ourselves, Malaysians, even if we know that we are of different descendant, practicing different culture and religions…

Of course we do have something to whine about other races, like how a certain race people is lazy, is keras, is whatever… But I believe, we do have something decent to say about other people as well… And right on top of that, we are all human, not swine not whatever cow (well it’s funny people like to call each other pigs, babi)…

I remember there was once I was travelling from Pontian to Muar. Friends and I were “thrown” to another bus half way (saving energy in disguise, i.e. sending passenger from half-full bus to another half-full bus!), we were greeted by this one kind Malay songkok-wearing uncle passenger with sympathy. Well, at least it made me feel less pissed… 😉

And I was seated beside a Malay makcik, who later on asked me if she could borrow my newspaper to “cover” herself from the cold (and un-adjustable) aircond… “Sejuk~~”…

I know I was, and am over interpreting and sensationalizing the encounters… but I clearly see that they are, human and they share the same nationality as me…

How could you call another human an animal?


Anyway back to Fish Leong, there was this another article by Shanon Shah in The Nut Graph (lots and lots of great Malaysian articles) which discussed about recent PAS’s hardline stance…

He went to say that MLTR (Michael Learns to Rock) is the most boring band, and similarly a number of twitters I was following suggested similarly… like “after so many years, Michael still doesn’t know rock”… LOL… I’ll totally go WTF over these comments if I was 10 years younger, but maybe not now… 😛

Shanon Shah then went on saying he does have a “soft spot”, that he likes Celine Dion, and making some friends not-so-respect over him already… LOLx2

It’s funny to see how liking some pop ballad cheesy love songs makes you totally “uncool”, but what the heck,

Fish Leong rocks!!!!!! (not rock as in Micheal Learns to rock OK? 😛 )


P/S: Save to say that I’m once again back in Fish’s cheesy ballads mood recently… 😀

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