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Fish Leong

A Chinese paper column writer had this great article in Sin Chew on this year’s Merdeka day…


Basically he said he was talking to a Malay taxi driver who likes Fish Leong… and of course it turns into discussing race relations…

I like how he talked about race relations here:


It is exactly what I think about race relation, that it doesn’t really mater for me to fill in “Malay”, “Chinese” or “Indian” or whatever on forms and documents, that it doesn’t really matter for people to identify himself/herself as Iban or Kadazan or Orang Asli… What really matters, is we treat each other as ourselves, Malaysians, even if we know that we are of different descendant, practicing different culture and religions…

Of course we do have something to whine about other races, like how a certain race people is lazy, is keras, is whatever… But I believe, we do have something decent to say about other people as well… And right on top of that, we are all human, not swine not whatever cow (well it’s funny people like to call each other pigs, babi)…

I remember there was once I was travelling from Pontian to Muar. Friends and I were “thrown” to another bus half way (saving energy in disguise, i.e. sending passenger from half-full bus to another half-full bus!), we were greeted by this one kind Malay songkok-wearing uncle passenger with sympathy. Well, at least it made me feel less pissed… 😉

And I was seated beside a Malay makcik, who later on asked me if she could borrow my newspaper to “cover” herself from the cold (and un-adjustable) aircond… “Sejuk~~”…

I know I was, and am over interpreting and sensationalizing the encounters… but I clearly see that they are, human and they share the same nationality as me…

How could you call another human an animal?


Anyway back to Fish Leong, there was this another article by Shanon Shah in The Nut Graph (lots and lots of great Malaysian articles) which discussed about recent PAS’s hardline stance…

He went to say that MLTR (Michael Learns to Rock) is the most boring band, and similarly a number of twitters I was following suggested similarly… like “after so many years, Michael still doesn’t know rock”… LOL… I’ll totally go WTF over these comments if I was 10 years younger, but maybe not now… 😛

Shanon Shah then went on saying he does have a “soft spot”, that he likes Celine Dion, and making some friends not-so-respect over him already… LOLx2

It’s funny to see how liking some pop ballad cheesy love songs makes you totally “uncool”, but what the heck,

Fish Leong rocks!!!!!! (not rock as in Micheal Learns to rock OK? 😛 )


P/S: Save to say that I’m once again back in Fish’s cheesy ballads mood recently… 😀

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