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Different world

Najib says Malaysia to be symbol of tolerance to world

Errr… hello, dear Hon PM Najib, am I living in a different world than you?

Stop giving feel-good-speech that basically telling the whole world you’re living in a denial already lah

Malaysia is heading down the road to be symbol of whither economy, democracy and judiciary system (which were once being some most respectable)… Malaysia is soon to be symbol of violence, corruption, ignorance and a failure state to world…

And all you’re doing is keep talking as if Malaysia is going to conquer the world just to make people feel good about you huh? All you’re doing is to sweep all the problems Malaysia’s facing under the carpet. All you’re doing is to let your machai (cabinet members, party leaders) to do and say all the dirty things that you want to do, and then you instead come out and say some nice things acting as if you’re good cop?

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