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Malaysia day euphoria?

Seriously, what’s so great about having Malaysia day as another day of public holiday?

Does a Malaysia day public holiday makes Sarawakian and Sabahan more “Malaysian”? I don’t know, maybe Merdeka Poll Center should add in this question as a poll question.

Does this mean, if one day the government declare “National man day” as public holiday, then male Malaysian should be grateful happy and as such vote for the government? Similarly does that mean if we have public holiday for woman, gays, elderly, disabled and etc, then all those discrimination issues will fix itself?

To me, there’s no use to “celebrate” a certain day if we don’t even respect or achieve the meaning of that certain day… Yeah, independence day, it is safe to say that most Malaysians, especially the youngs, treat it as another public holiday… What’s so great about merdeka? We achieved our independence, just to get fucked by our own people, the retarded elitist so-called leaders. Did we get to be a “democratic” country that found on the principle of “liberty and justice”, what’s with our forefather’s vision, declared at 31st August 1957?

So what’s so great about “recognizing” the independence day of Sarawak and Sabah? So that the federal government can continue ignoring the poverty and social issues in these 2 states? So that the great nature environment of the states can continue be plundered exploited and eradicated?

What “the government taken the right steps”? Make Sarawak and Sabah really part of our country before you declare Malaysia day a day to celebrate… that’s what I called right steps…

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