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Birthday 2009

Hah, think it’s because of this blogger fatigue thingy, hasn’t been blogging for quite some time… And all a sudden, I went to read my blog post on birthday 2008… and asked myself, huh, I actually blogged about few hundreds words on my last year’s birthday eh?! So I guess it’s always good to write down about your birthday, so that next year you can make some “flashback”, reminisce a bit about what happen all the year…

Let’s recap my supposedly most “romantic” year in my life:

1. Happy that project came to an end, with not too great results, and still writing the dreadful thesis that isn’t half-way through yet…

2. Bugged by something ever since early this year, and got stucked even until now, have been rather emo for recent few months, somehow this thing just wouldn’t solve, even though I wish to move on…

3. Drank a lot, I mean a lot more. :P  Oh, and clubbed a fair bit, thanks to bunch of happening people. :D  And I went to I think my first, ummm, pop star concert!!!!! That’s Lady Gaga!!!! :D  And then some secret… hmmm…

4. Other than that, I think I’m just stucked in Singapore… lonely soul, any taker? 😛


Anyway, not that there’s any celebration going on… and it doesn’t really help when birthday is on Monday, but labmates had celebrated (with surprise! :D) my birthday at last Friday… Like the card they gave me, and it says Selamat Ulang Tahun 😀

Oh, and Nov 8th is interesting… well first half at least… Yuan Jin aka Polar suddenly asked for lunch at Outram Park few days ago… And so we went to eat dumplings (鍋貼, 小籠包) at Maxwell, and when on the way to MRT, we met Jenny and Jun Jie! Let’s see, I never see Polar for about 1.5 years, and Jenny & Jun Jie for more than 3 years!!!! Ughhh, time flies~~

The second half of the day is filled with sweat and more sweat… and I played about 4 rounds of Heroes of Newerth, lost all 4 of them, what a decent birthday gift 😦


Birthday wish? Stay happy (get rid of the emotion downfall, gain some courage), Finish the freaking thesis (with good quality, ouch) and the cheesiest one, world peace! 😀

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