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March 31, 2010 1 comment

Just read from somewhere that a person snapped at an old woman selling cut fruits (because she visited him 4 times in just a short while already). The lady apologized that her eyesight was bad…

I’m sure everyone out there, at least those of us who live in Malaysia (and to a lesser extent Singapore), seldom has a “peaceful” meal in cha satt/kopitiam/food court/hawker center. Often, you have people asking for donations, selling stuff (tissues, snacks etc.), selling lottery tickets and whatnot.

We’re used to say no, to these people. I remember there was once I was having breakfast at Maxwell hawker center, and ended up being asked by the same tissue-selling uncle for at least more than 5 times. Got so pissed off that I quickly leave the place after eating.

I often think that people who earn money by selling stuff are more much better than those asking for money, and from time to time I’ll just pay and buy the stuff (depend if I need it lah). But seriously, keep asking me doesn’t work.

OK, the main story here is, it reminds me there was once I was eating with friends in Jalan Sultan @ KL. There was this old lady asking for money and we said no (almost a reflective reaction). The lady then said she was hungry and asked if we could share a piece of roast duck (it was from Petaling Street Sei Ngan Chye and it was yum!) that we were having. I’m bad at shoo-ing people off so usually I’ll let my friends do the job (:P). Well, we rejected again, as usual…

And then when I think back, the old lady only asked for food, and she looked frail. Was it that bad to offer her a bit of food? Nowadays we seldom give money to the beggars on street, on the logic that they are (usually) exploited by underground business, or they don’t seem like someone not capable of earning money. But what if they ask for food? They can’t use the food to get rich or benefit any “third party”, can they?

A friend was saying, “well just in case she asks for more after you donated her food…”. Again I did not think much about such argument until later. I questioned (to myself), you can always shoo her off if she gets annoying after that anyway.

Well, I can’t tell what would happen if we did offer her a piece of roast duck. But I still can’t shake off the thought (until today) that I should have just offered her food. The “left” of me says, if someone is hungry and you are capable to offer, you shall give, food is after all a human’s essential need. Even if in the end she is fake, or she is a bitch and asking for more, I’ll still get the good karma (or hopefully :P).

I guess being used to say no to “these sort of people” prevented me from even considering to offer the food, i.e. to let the human and emotional side of me to take over the robotic side of me… It didn’t help she interfered in the middle of meal (I believe we just don’t want to get disturbed in the middle of meal) but then she wouldn’t have anything to ask for after we finished the meal…

I’m probably still too naive, believing that we are still living in a utopia (that human is essentially good). Guess this is the “一件小事” for me. Oh, do read the “一件小事”even if you read it already. It is one extremely powerful short story that worth more than once or twice reading. 🙂

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King’s speech

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

It is important to let people understand the function of King’s address to the parliament, during the opening of a new session of the parliament. In a Commonwealth constitutional monarchy, this speech, according to Wikipedia, is a “prepared speech to a complete session of parliament, outlining the government’s agenda for the coming session”. The speech is prepared by the King or the Queen’s government of the day, and what the monarch does is basically read the manuscript out loudly in the parliament.

The members of parliament then debate in the “motion of thanks”, which doesn’t really mean thanking the mornach for delivering the speech, but to debate on the government’s agenda and policies for the upcoming parliament session. Rejecting the motion has no element of disrespect towards the monarch or whatsoever but to voice disagreement towards the government’s agenda for the following year.

I believe the media should stop misleading the people by titles like “King disapproves new media”, giving the wrong impression. Saying “King happy with PM’s (insert whatever move)” really just means the government is praising itself, which can be unnecessary because it may affect King’s impartiality…

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Back blogging?

March 14, 2010 Leave a comment

OK it’s been a looooooong looooooong while since I blog, guess there’s a reason why my put my blog title as “My another attempt to blog…” haha~

Anyway, will try to write again, TRY TRY TRY… But yeah, will see how long it can last~

Just some random bits and pieces, I’ll try to keep it short and simple okay?

1. Submitted thesis ON TIME! I didn’t know I have to submit a “thesis submission form” and ended up taking cab to boss’ house for his signature, and cab-ed back again… Submission fee + thesis printing fee cost me about 400 SGD, shucks~

2. Not an MSc holder yet, currently jobless with few potential jobs out there. But then I’m not keen to start work anytime soon ehhhhh :P  I want to go for a holiday trip!!!!! But the laziness sometimes win over, aw shucks~

3. Chinese New Year was good, though the weather was sooooooo HOT!!!! Anyway, CNY is still in my RAM, but Cheng Meng is coming… finally get to go back Muar after maybe 4 years of not visiting? 😀

4. 2nd anniversary of political tsunami just passed by not long ago, political situation is deteriorating with a stupid prime minister’s slogan “1Malaysia” making every single thing in Malaysia so uncool right now, sigh.

5. Some people say Lim Guan Eng was playing politics in requesting the Election Commission to hold local election. That was after 2 years of him being Chief Minister of Penang state. One of his promises when sworn in Chief Minister was to hold local council election. My thought is, how I wish there are more such kinds of political play~

6. So Jack Neo is rocked with scandals, apparently he was reported to hit on other (younger) women even though he already has a wife. I say, it’s time to retire him, he’s been hogging the limelight for too long with all the boring movies/shows (OK, some are hilarious but the jokes getting boring. Some are quite meaningful but mostly are just… meh…), I believe other Singapore filmmakers deserved better attention.

7. Oh and Jack Neo’s press conference was soooo bad. If it’s your family matters, then please do not drag you wife to the press conference. I know Mrs Clinton and Mrs Chua (Soi Lek) did go into press conference, but they were there to give the “strong woman” impression and they were polticians’ wife. It is more than apparent that you are using your wife to garner public sympathy and deflect criticisms…

8. “Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce – Telephone” is definitely one of my favourite Gaga songs, and the video, as a sequel (Yeah I just found out it’s a sequel though the direction is obviously similar) to Paparazzi’s video, is crazily AWESOME!!!! :D  Lady Gaga was detained after killing her boyfriend in Paparazzi’s video, that’s why she’s in jail for the first half but I thought it was just OK~~ Love the second half and think it is sooooo coooool to have Lady Gaga and Beyonce dance together. Oh and the colour! No idea why I just love the colour of the video~~ 🙂

OK, now let’s hope the next blog entry will not be like one two three months later!