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King’s speech

It is important to let people understand the function of King’s address to the parliament, during the opening of a new session of the parliament. In a Commonwealth constitutional monarchy, this speech, according to Wikipedia, is a “prepared speech to a complete session of parliament, outlining the government’s agenda for the coming session”. The speech is prepared by the King or the Queen’s government of the day, and what the monarch does is basically read the manuscript out loudly in the parliament.

The members of parliament then debate in the “motion of thanks”, which doesn’t really mean thanking the mornach for delivering the speech, but to debate on the government’s agenda and policies for the upcoming parliament session. Rejecting the motion has no element of disrespect towards the monarch or whatsoever but to voice disagreement towards the government’s agenda for the following year.

I believe the media should stop misleading the people by titles like “King disapproves new media”, giving the wrong impression. Saying “King happy with PM’s (insert whatever move)” really just means the government is praising itself, which can be unnecessary because it may affect King’s impartiality…

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