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Deserve to die eh?

OK, this is about Aminulrasyid, so apparently some hypocrites are saying the kids shouldn’t have stolen his sister’s car and this and that… So some asked “what if he crashed his car into someone else”? And some said they must’ve been doing something wrong or else police won’t fire (because they read law)! Oh wow!

My question is, so, this warrant a death sentence? A death sentence WITHOUT TRIAL? Remember how draconian the ISA is? DETENTION WITHOUT TRIAL? So a magical “police’s bullet” seems to be more draconian than ISA eh?

Everyone has the right to explain themselves in front of the judges, that’s our constitutional right, and that includes ALL THE CRIMINALS out there… The big questions are, did the police fire without following due procedures? Was the situation warrant a fire? If yes, then I’ve got nothing to say, but VERY APPARENTLY I have no confident with our police, or for that matter, judiciary. The keyword here is CONFIDENCE.

Blogger Haris Ibrahim has perfect writeup on this, Why didn’t someone shoot us then? Are things so different now? At least a lawyer/civil activist and an accountant would have died… the fact is thousands of underage teens, ride or drive around in the streets of KL or in the new/old villages all around Malaysia, so they bloody deserve to die huh?

For all the hypocrites (and I quietly think, racists too), does that mean Najib should be shot, because he probably will build a bloody nuclear power plant (save this issue on another post) near my house which will probably leak and kill us? Focus on the fact and not the imaginary questions can we? Does anyone ever predict themselves to be killed by the fucking police for driving on the street? Does anyone ever predict themselves to fall from 14th floor to 4th floor after entering the MACC HQ as a bloody fucking witness? So police read law, and MACC people know that it’s their responsibility to protect the witness when he/she is under their custody…

Anyway, a comment I wrote up in Chinese:

如果警方沒有做錯事, 那為什麼警方(根據目擊證人的敘述)毆打死者同行呢? 請問警方能夠任意毆打平民嗎?
其次如果警方沒有做錯事, 為何會(同樣在證據確鑿的情況下)冤枉死者擁有巴冷刀呢? 同樣的也根據目擊證人的報告, 為什麼警方冤枉死者倒車撞擊警方呢? 死者 14 歲何以被說成 15 歲了?
其三, 如果警方沒有錯的話, 為何警員被調職呢? 他們應該被表揚而不是調去文職部門不是嗎?
其四, 警方到底如何截停車輛呢? 警察開槍的正常手續應當是槍指犯人正面, 發出警告, 在不遵守的情況下往天開槍, 最後才往犯人正面開槍, 請問警察是否這樣做了?
因為 14 歲開車, 所以我們可以把他給殺了? 任何人都有在法庭替自己辯護的權利, 這是憲賦民權, 被開槍打死了請問還怎麼辯護? 如此做法恐怕比 ISA 還要誇張吧? 就算這名孩子走私白粉, 殺人放火, 他也有資格活著坐在警局/法庭為自己辯護, 在沒有判定有罪的情況下一個人是無罪的, 這也是為什麼多數國家對警方開槍的手續留下這麼多規矩…
孩子犯法所以該死, 這是我們教育下一代的方式了嗎? 一個十四歲的少年犯錯被開槍殺死, 所以活該了嗎? 那我想請問在吉隆坡街頭上, 以及許許多多的新村地方, 孩子們騎上了摩托車到處跑, 全都罪該萬死了? 在新加坡一名 20 來歲走私毒品的大馬青年被捉, 在準備送上死刑室前幾天, 也都吸引了律師以及民眾質疑, "這是我們教育年輕一代的方式嗎"? 目前這件案子在上訴庭受考慮當中…
跟趙明福進反貪委會一樣, 你可曾有想過你的孩子外出時, 被警察打死? 你可曾有想過你的下屬/孩子/朋友進了反貪會後墜樓身亡嗎? 被黑社會槍手幹掉的可能性大概還大過被警察打死吧?
所以趙明福"傳說"在雪州反貪委會總部"感到膽怯", 所以他一定身有屎? 難道反貪官員也有讀"法律", 懂得證人在扣押下的人身安全是反貪委會的責任?

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