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Wrong candidate?

So Sibu by-election is coming, and I read this analysis from Free Malaysia Today, titled Sibu polls: Victory in the hands of Foochows, featuring political analyst cum professor from Monash University James Chin.

First of all, James Chin is Sarawakian and secondly, he’s of course experienced and more credible than, say, me (LOL). But with regards to this article, I feel like doing some random scribbling down here. Once again, James Chin is probably right, but as a logical reader, I just find it interesting that people’s perception can be so different 🙂

 image image

Left: BN designated candidate Robert Lau from SUPP
Right: DAP designated candidate Richard Wong

On Richard Wong being wrong candidate, Richard Wong told us that:

I don’t think it is going to go down well… the DAP may have fielded the wrong candidate. It should have chosen a younger, more professional looking and good looking candidate.

So let’s see, Wong is 50, Lau is 44. 6 years different in age. Wong is roughly 15% older than Lau, and that means, well you are bloody damn old Mr Wong! And as such Sibu people are not happy with voting in a person who’s well 6 years older than the opponent. Are we so ageist? James Chin is probably right because it’s all about perception, but it is really appalling that we are now choosing “the one” from two, and we look at their age and say “I’m so choosing Robert because he’s 6 years younger, and so he’s young and that bloody Richard is so old, see he’s 50 already!”… Perhaps that’s why I always laugh at myself being “old” when looking at the students who are actually just few years younger than me?

As of “professional looking”, is it me or what, does Richard look like a farmer or a butcher or something? Hmmm, last I check, both fella are lawyers…

Onto the good looking bit, I don’t know. I’m too young to tell you how a 44 or 50 years old guy is appealing to my eyes (see? I’m closeted ageist!). But seriously, it must be quite a bit of sad case for someone saying out loud in public that “Hello Richard, you know what, you ain’t no good looking”. Ummmm, really, both candidates look good, or do I need to fix my sense of beauty?

On Richard being a state assemblyperson and now running for an MP,

They will also complain that instead of taking care of drainage issues, Wong will be busy flying off to KL.

Some logical problems I guess? All Sarawak MP needs to fly to KL… and Richard is Bukit Assek assemblyperson, which is next to but not within Sibu parliamentary seat, i.e. it will be the Bukit Assek’s people that complain about him not taking care of drainage issues (seriously, an MP, or an ADUN’s job is no taking care of drainage, but in the political reality in Malaysia, ADUN is of course more prone to do such job…).

After all, it is common for the government to ignore whatever requests/complaints put forward by an opposition representatives, i.e even if you “take care” of drainage issues, the government will “heck care”. But to have stronger opposition post more threat to the current government, and forcing them to really “care” about your constituency. To have a person that can say it out loud in the federal parliament, stop friggin’ using our money as if it’s yours, is of utmost importance. But of course, Sibu people think differently perhaps…

I’m happy with Richard being a candidate (I’m outsider, so my happiness really is like rubbish), his blog is a fine reading if not exceptionally good. I don’t think age is an issue, and I think he looks fine, but I did hope that a woman can be chosen to run, because quite simply say, of 11 rounds of by-election, there’s ZERO woman candidate from both side of divide (not including independents). CEDAW? Minimum 30% of political power goes to women? Wait longer.

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