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What if…

I’m a voter of Sibu, and I’m working in say KL…

When I try to shop for air ticket to go home and vote, there’s no more air ticket left! All the available airlines sold out their tickets!

How? Swim ah?

If one side thinks that the voters from the West Malaysia are more likely to vote for another side, it is logical to expect some filthy rich people from the side to book all the air tickets, no? Sibu is no KL, so there probably won’t be much daily flights, and it’s not like you can take bus or train or drive or swim to reach Sibu… Even Sarawakian has problem to travel to Sibu via land transport I believe, hmmmm…

OK, I’m just a paranoid election-show watcher, you know growing up in the environment where dirty plays in election are perfectly normal, you tend to expect the worst.

Talking about election, how I wish we could have a professional website like the BBC one for UK General Election, you can even choose an issue, and check what the major parties’ manifesto on that particular issue side by side. In Malaysia? Manifesto? Comparing them side by side? Dream on lah.

The polling stations in UK open from 7am to 10pm, just 1 hour short to be 7-11! You can vote in person, by postal vote or by proxy! How cool is that? You totally can imagine people party all night till morning, to follow the election results, and then heck care about Friday (UK election always on Thursday) and scream for the winners till weekend…

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