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Failed picture

Malaysiakini… you fail!

Or is this actually a win? Am I suppose to take this as a satire or something? Because it seems like the picture kind of suggest that:

  1. Anwar and Karpal Singh are like predator, they are so going to prey on Saiful (in a wrong way, sort of like a porn story)… Alright, eventhough it is not really that wrong if we forget about the “wrong” bit…
  2. I don’t know, Karpal feels like a third person in a two-man-relationship… Ummmm…
  3. The colour and the position and the sort of “texture” of Karpal made him looks like a ghost, coming back to gaze (and thus haunt) Saiful…

Don’t you think that Saiful’s posture and position look like Altantuya’s most used picture here?

(Picture taken without permission from here)

You know how poor Altantuya looks really like a “victim” in her this photo… Somehow the way Saiful featured in the picture also looks like poor sheep that’s going to be devoured… Hmmmm, poor Saiful…

So there’s no sign of penetration because the doctors lied… And probably because Anwar used lube so it went “smoothly” so there’s no sign of torn…

So then Saiful said he was raped instead of, um, having consensual sex, even though Anwar is charged for “having consensual sex” with Saiful…

So Anwar asked Saiful if he can fuck him, Saiful said no, but eventually went to the condominium to shower, and came out with only a towel. Saiful was so hot, he’s after all 25 years old, that Anwar can’t control himself, and without asking if Saiful is up for it, the 60-plus-year-old man grabbed him, pulled the towel, and at the same time frantically searching for the powerful lube (that makes everything so smooth). Anwar then applied the lube, possibly onto both his penis and Saiful’s anus, WITHOUT any physical protest from Saiful, before Anwar successfully penetrated Saiful with his penis…

Yeah, and a porn writer will name this segment, “Rape”…

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  1. Jenny
    May 27, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    Of course! To some people, whether it’s consensual sex or not, sex = rape! As long as Anwar wants someone, it’s rape! Of course the doctor cannot find any sign of penetration, Saiful might have been ass-raped so many times that his sphincter is no longer tight! It’s like how some lusty girls do the vaginal reduction surgery, I’m thinking that is what Saiful might need. Saiful didn’t protest probably because he enjoys BDSM more than anyone else! But later, when he thought about it, oh crap! “Nooooooooo! I was just rapeddddddd!”.

    I won’t be surprised if that is the case.

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