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August 29, 2010 2 comments

(Picture taken from The Online Citizen)

So some Singaporeans are very unhappy with the recently concluded inaugural Youth Olympic Games. They started up a facebook group called “I hate the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Organising Committee", and posted how they are unhappy with the games.

There was this guy called Malik, posted the comment as you see in the picture, and got investigated by the police under the charge of “inciting violence”. Oh wow, first of all, this Malik sounds and looks so young and the comment is full of childishness. The “This is the time for us to burn…” bit was so childish, unreal and idealistic that it is almost equal to “When I grow up I want to be a batman”…

But the authority seems to think such slightly annoying kiddy statement seriously and they think Malik is “inciting violence” by calling people to BURN the minister in charge of the YOG! Oh really? Don’t you think it’s like charging a bunch of children playing kejar kejar (hide and seek) “attempt to murder”, because they yell at each other “I’ll kill you!!!”?

So I take it that the minister actually fear for his own live because someone wants to “burn” him (nevermind that the “burn” here is metaphoric rather than literal)? Dear good minister, the burning of a public officials are rare, especially in your country which enjoys such high and often-envied order. In Malaysia the country full-of-crime, burning a public official is still unheard of, well except you have some fanatics burning effigy of a leader, or an idiot trying to burn himself to gain media attention (strangely both cases happen in Penang)…

Chill lah, dear good doctor, or whoever your followers that so worried about your safety. You can’t be thinking that you performed so badly, or you’re so arrogant that people will actually attempt to burn you upon reading a facebook comment right? You can’t be so unpopular right? You are politician after all, can’t be so unconfident right? It must be the year of scientific training as a doctor (and dog-eat-dog political training) that took the humour and literature appreciation away from you, so poor thing Sad smile


Anyway, I think YOG is awfully unmeaningful, a waste of money and human capital, unattractive and in fact the whole Olympic movement is just a show of power, a rich man show. Look we bidded for YOG because we believe it’s for our long term good! It will show the world how powerful we are and everyone in the world will know our name! Oh my God/Buddha/Allah/Whatnot, so you organise a sports event to make everyone knows you huh? So we human beings should be happy to dump our money, resources and carbon (yes, in the form of carbon dioxide) to play sports in a certain location once in four years just to let the whole world know about the place? Just like Beijing 2008, the use of Olympic shows to soften one’s image is a plenty nowadays. As long as you show something beautiful and impressive, people will love you! Nevermind that the cute girl standing in front of everyone was not the one singing…

Just in case you ask, why I care about Singapore matters when I’m a Malaysian? Well, because I am Singapore’s taxpayer! Not in the form of income tax, not yet, but definitely in the form of Government and Services tax!

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Random snippets

August 20, 2010 Leave a comment

1. Long time no blog

As usual~

2. WHY lah?

Errrr, writing bad for health! No, seriously, I can’t even bother to write my paper. OK, I hate writing, I mean, I’m lazy Smile with tongue out

3. So what you doing during free time… Oh wait, you are free most of the time because you are jobless right?!!!

Write paper lor, designing lab website lor, I’m serious really… Alright, if you insist, I surf net like a geek most of the time, read news, refreshing Facebook, playing Bejewelled Blitz (but reached 300K scores only ONCE, FML), and stoned/idle in front of the computer screen.

4. Do something meaningful!

I trying to! But I got no money! I want to go here and there and everywhere! I don’t even dare to spend money to go another two straits settlements i.e. Penang and Malacca!

5. You are hopeless… OK what’s your view on Teoh Beng Hock’s coroner court inquest? The lastest one on Dr Porntip’s testimony and the 1-year-late ‘suicidal notes’…

Everyone has said what needs to be said lah… But to show that I’m in support and in solidarity of the family of Teoh Beng Hock, I observed one minute of silence in the Tioman water, and joined the FB group called ‘Malaysians for Beng Hock’, DO join if you think that the case is fast becoming joke of the nation and that there seems to be no justice for the dead… We want a Royal Commission of Inquiry that comprises of experts and independent figures instead of, clown lawyers…

OK, let’s just say yesterday’s inquest produces so many quotable quotes that it is really memorable, such as “How you know? Had you jumped off a building before?”, “Are you a lawyer?”, “The way my learned friend questioning made us want to jump off this building right now”, “I work for rights of the dead, not Selangor government”…

How can a 24-year-experience lawyer think that one can strangle himself to death? When you strangle yourself, and when your brain detected that you have excessive carbon dioxide (i.e. insufficient oxygen), your brain will order your hand to loosen up (involuntarily)… And when you’re under stress (lack of oxygen mah), it makes it much harder for you to climb up the window rail and jump down lah!

Oh, and we always carry same mass, if you’re 80kg (errrr,  I’m more than this number right now, because of over-drinking and under-exercising, thanks), you will still be 80kg if you’re unconscious. However it is true that when you’re standing on a weighing balance (in the middle of air), the reading will be different from 80kg… But I’m no Physicist so don’t scold me if I’m wrong! Smile with tongue out

Let’s just hope the Thais won’t really laugh and look down at us Malaysian, sigh~

6. Music?

I promise I’ll set aside one entry to blog about songs that I listened these days, and it shouldn’t take too long, I promise OK? But as of now, I can’t help but keep watching this clip:

Kylie Minogue–Get outta My Way live performance

Yes I’m pop junkie, sue me! Love the song, love her new album Smile

7. Are you an MSc holder right now? How long will you stay jobless?

Not yet, probably another month or so I’ll get conferred my MSc degree. As for joblessness, let’s hope it will last for less than 2 months, or else you will see me selling tissues in food court!

8. Life?

Ugh, somehow weekdays are actually better than weekends… Weekends can be awfully boring Sad smile Oh and Yong Tau Foo in Singapore is really saddening, so much so that when I was in KL three weeks ago (an awfully short one, regretted coming back Singapore so early), I drove my mother (and nephew) to Jalan Peel and eventually to Ampang for the YTF (Peel road one was closed?)~ Oh yes, I drove my mother! She didn’t complain (too) much! FYI, it was my first long distance driving with my mother inside the car and I got my driving license in 2003!!!

9. kthxbye!

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