A facebook friend posted a link on the new Penang policy on charging RM 0.24 per cubic meter of water, when the monthly usage of water exceeds 35 cubic meters. He questioned how can Penang claim to have lowest water tariff in Southeast Asia when in Selangor, the first 20 cubic meter of water you use is free?

This is my reply, in Chinese, but he eventually removed the post… =.=

Minimum RM6 per month
0-20: RM0.57
21-35: RM1.03
>35: RM 2.00

Minimum RM2.5
0-20: RM0.22
20-40: RM0.42
40-60: RM0.52
60-200: RM 0.90
>200: RM 1.00

個人認為在 35cu 以上才徵收 RM0.24/cu 實在少得離譜… =.=  應該從 20cu 開始徵收…

雪州的水費“優待”並不是由 Syabas 提供的, Syabas 統計州民的用水記錄後, 再跟州政府埋單, 所以談不上"水費便宜"… 個人不贊同雪州此項計劃, 水供問題牽涉能源和自然生態… 社會問題應當通過社會方式解決, 不能犧牲能源及自然生態~

Syabas is water supplying company in Selangor while PBA is for Penang~  I personally think social issues (that poor people are too poor to pay for their water tariff and water shall be essential needs of everyone) should be solved by social means (A social assistance fund?). Water supply involves huge energy and environment issues and shall not be sacrificed for social issues. Hence, I’m all for Penang’s policy in charging a “Water Conservation Surcharge”, albeit too little… It is not easy to reaching 35cu/month usage, and RM 0.24/cu is too little…

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