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1. Long time no blog

As usual~

2. WHY lah?

Errrr, writing bad for health! No, seriously, I can’t even bother to write my paper. OK, I hate writing, I mean, I’m lazy Smile with tongue out

3. So what you doing during free time… Oh wait, you are free most of the time because you are jobless right?!!!

Write paper lor, designing lab website lor, I’m serious really… Alright, if you insist, I surf net like a geek most of the time, read news, refreshing Facebook, playing Bejewelled Blitz (but reached 300K scores only ONCE, FML), and stoned/idle in front of the computer screen.

4. Do something meaningful!

I trying to! But I got no money! I want to go here and there and everywhere! I don’t even dare to spend money to go another two straits settlements i.e. Penang and Malacca!

5. You are hopeless… OK what’s your view on Teoh Beng Hock’s coroner court inquest? The lastest one on Dr Porntip’s testimony and the 1-year-late ‘suicidal notes’…

Everyone has said what needs to be said lah… But to show that I’m in support and in solidarity of the family of Teoh Beng Hock, I observed one minute of silence in the Tioman water, and joined the FB group called ‘Malaysians for Beng Hock’, DO join if you think that the case is fast becoming joke of the nation and that there seems to be no justice for the dead… We want a Royal Commission of Inquiry that comprises of experts and independent figures instead of, clown lawyers…

OK, let’s just say yesterday’s inquest produces so many quotable quotes that it is really memorable, such as “How you know? Had you jumped off a building before?”, “Are you a lawyer?”, “The way my learned friend questioning made us want to jump off this building right now”, “I work for rights of the dead, not Selangor government”…

How can a 24-year-experience lawyer think that one can strangle himself to death? When you strangle yourself, and when your brain detected that you have excessive carbon dioxide (i.e. insufficient oxygen), your brain will order your hand to loosen up (involuntarily)… And when you’re under stress (lack of oxygen mah), it makes it much harder for you to climb up the window rail and jump down lah!

Oh, and we always carry same mass, if you’re 80kg (errrr,  I’m more than this number right now, because of over-drinking and under-exercising, thanks), you will still be 80kg if you’re unconscious. However it is true that when you’re standing on a weighing balance (in the middle of air), the reading will be different from 80kg… But I’m no Physicist so don’t scold me if I’m wrong! Smile with tongue out

Let’s just hope the Thais won’t really laugh and look down at us Malaysian, sigh~

6. Music?

I promise I’ll set aside one entry to blog about songs that I listened these days, and it shouldn’t take too long, I promise OK? But as of now, I can’t help but keep watching this clip:

Kylie Minogue–Get outta My Way live performance

Yes I’m pop junkie, sue me! Love the song, love her new album Smile

7. Are you an MSc holder right now? How long will you stay jobless?

Not yet, probably another month or so I’ll get conferred my MSc degree. As for joblessness, let’s hope it will last for less than 2 months, or else you will see me selling tissues in food court!

8. Life?

Ugh, somehow weekdays are actually better than weekends… Weekends can be awfully boring Sad smile Oh and Yong Tau Foo in Singapore is really saddening, so much so that when I was in KL three weeks ago (an awfully short one, regretted coming back Singapore so early), I drove my mother (and nephew) to Jalan Peel and eventually to Ampang for the YTF (Peel road one was closed?)~ Oh yes, I drove my mother! She didn’t complain (too) much! FYI, it was my first long distance driving with my mother inside the car and I got my driving license in 2003!!!

9. kthxbye!

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In previous post regarding the coal plant in Sabah, I wrote:

Of all place, why choose a place where tiger resides, especially since we know how dirty coal power is…

A lady confronted me that THERE IS NO TIGER IN BORNEO, and I concur, hence the correction here. I must say my emotion won over me when I was quietly asking myself, “Eh is there tiger in Sabah ah?”… Anyway, let’s just say that the “tiger” is being symbolic here, representing animals, many of them charming…

So let’s just say, “Of all place, why choose a place where CATS reside”…

Nope, not this one…

Meow~~ Sundaland Clouded Leopard, endemic to Borneo~

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Sabah Coal Power Plant

May 20, 2010 11 comments

Think this picture pretty sum up the Sabah coal power plant story. So the new power plant will be flanked by a wildlife reserve and a marine park, brilliant idea by our dear government huh? Whatever happen to the newly built Bakun Dam in Sarawak? Huh?

This website has pretty much summed up why a coal power plant should not be built here, and they are running a campaign to stop this from happening, by downloading one of the pictures, print it out in a post card and mail it to our dear “People’s Prime Minister”, who said that Rejang Park, Sibu is not a place a Prime Minister should be at (even though it is located in 1Malaysia)… Anyway, now, I need a freaking colour printer already!

All are really well done pictures that full of message, start to love this kind of straightforward messages, another such cute direct way of presentation would be the AIDS awareness campaign that was organized by PT Foundation

Oh you need some motivation?

  1. Of all place, why choose a place where tiger resides, especially since we know how dirty coal power is. On top of that, just how much the runoff will kill the sea adjacent to it?
  2. You really trust the Environment Impact Assessment conducted in Malaysia? Head over to the poor people in Bukit Koman, Raub, and read about their cyanide mining story if you feel like reading more!
  3. Is there no alternative? Isn’t our dear Prime Minister shouting that he wants to build a nuclear power plant because he wants to lead Malaysia into a freaking green technology advanced country. So can’t we think about clean alternative energy, instead of destructing forest and biodiversity and yet producing huge amount of greenhouse gases plus dirtying the eastern tip of one of the most beautiful state of Malaysia? By the way, Uranium mining, highly sophisticated protection and transport, and nuclear waste disposal are totally NOT GREEN at all.

Just some points to get you motivated, if you want to debate about the “Nation first, environment later”, let’s just say, how much shall and did we sacrifice already?

All the lovers…

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That have gone before
They don’t compare to you
Don’t be frightened
Just give me a little bit more
They don’t compare
All the lovers

Nice (new) song from Kylie Minogue! 😀

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May 13th

May 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Just a short one copied directly from my facebook:

13th May 1969, time to forget, time to forgive, time to move on and let the politics of fear dies…
Sports unites, Politics divides, a small but well-celebrated win in Msia vs Denmark Thomas Cup match opened the 41th anniversary perfectly well

Until I’ve time to write more on the sorry tragedy…

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Failed picture

May 12, 2010 1 comment

Malaysiakini… you fail!

Or is this actually a win? Am I suppose to take this as a satire or something? Because it seems like the picture kind of suggest that:

  1. Anwar and Karpal Singh are like predator, they are so going to prey on Saiful (in a wrong way, sort of like a porn story)… Alright, eventhough it is not really that wrong if we forget about the “wrong” bit…
  2. I don’t know, Karpal feels like a third person in a two-man-relationship… Ummmm…
  3. The colour and the position and the sort of “texture” of Karpal made him looks like a ghost, coming back to gaze (and thus haunt) Saiful…

Don’t you think that Saiful’s posture and position look like Altantuya’s most used picture here?

(Picture taken without permission from here)

You know how poor Altantuya looks really like a “victim” in her this photo… Somehow the way Saiful featured in the picture also looks like poor sheep that’s going to be devoured… Hmmmm, poor Saiful…

So there’s no sign of penetration because the doctors lied… And probably because Anwar used lube so it went “smoothly” so there’s no sign of torn…

So then Saiful said he was raped instead of, um, having consensual sex, even though Anwar is charged for “having consensual sex” with Saiful…

So Anwar asked Saiful if he can fuck him, Saiful said no, but eventually went to the condominium to shower, and came out with only a towel. Saiful was so hot, he’s after all 25 years old, that Anwar can’t control himself, and without asking if Saiful is up for it, the 60-plus-year-old man grabbed him, pulled the towel, and at the same time frantically searching for the powerful lube (that makes everything so smooth). Anwar then applied the lube, possibly onto both his penis and Saiful’s anus, WITHOUT any physical protest from Saiful, before Anwar successfully penetrated Saiful with his penis…

Yeah, and a porn writer will name this segment, “Rape”…

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UK election

May 11, 2010 Leave a comment

is toooooooo fun to watch!!!!!! And they are so damn fast in updating wikipedia, PM Gordon Brown announced that he will stand down as Labour party leader at around 12am local time, then, the entry about labour leadership election 2010 is up now! less than 1.5 hours, WOW~

Anyway, loves the drama… 😀

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