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Merdeka 2009

Ah hmmm, just thought to write something about the independence day this year, and then I remember I started this blog last year during the merdeka day!

So I went back and read through what I’d written…

Yeah, March 8th Political Tsunami was so 2008, and we’re in 2009… That sweet scent of new Malaysia, that glimpse of hope the groundbreaking general election offered, are probably all dead by now…

Isn’t it funny just last year, people were celebrating Anwar’s return to the parliament, and probably being rather optimistic euphoric about his promise that he will gather enough number of frogs (parliamentarian lah) to jump ship and hence the federal government will change…

Instead, we’d since seen about 7 by elections, a legitimate PR state government being changed with 3 frogs, a state ruler ignoring the state constitution removing the MB by his own pleasure, a speaker of the house being dragged out by police…

We saw how our judiciary system fucked up by appearing partial towards the BN, we saw how police and MACC get away with any punishment or action from beating and assaulting the normal citizens. Someone published nude photo of a state cabinet member, someone fell from MACC building and found death after being detained, someone wore black T-shirt and get arrested…

and it gets more and more depressing… Yasmin Ahmad passed away, 72 deaths from H1N1 (Top 10 country among the world), thousands of custodial death which see no head rolling…

Oh, and the religion tension in the country getting worse! MP who stormed into a forum regarding change of religion did not see any disciplinary action, concerts being protested and called to be banned (Michael’s learn to rock! zOMG!), caning woman under syariah law, and protesting relocation of temple by bringing cow head without police action at all(and the organiser said they got no idea where the cow head comes from)!

Too depressing, that I don’t find any good in celebrating the 2009’s Independence day in whatever cheery mood… To me, it’s the perfect time to readjust and replenish the lost hopes, it’s supposedly the time all Malaysians think, IS THE COUNTRY HEADING TO RIGHT DIRECTION?

When will the Malaysia v2.0 finally come? and if there exists a v2.0, what will it be? Could it be even worse?

Sometimes I think Merdeka day is like some sort of drug… that you’ll have a lot of clips and videos (15Malaysia and the video below…) that trying to install some hope and patriotism into you, so that you are ready to withstand another year of depressing bombardment of truth, the sorry state of the country…

A nation in distress, I’m wearing black, and praying for a better year for the country… as for now, I’ll continue to feel sad, and continue to hope that I could do something… bah, Happy 52nd independence day, Malaysia, Salam Merdeka~

I like the fact that the video tries to present the message, Many faces, many voices… just not the One Malaysia thingy… LOL

Everyone has his/her own ideal Malaysia, and everyone works his/her way to contribute to that ideal Malaysia… I believe it’s the many many many Malaysia that gave us this Malaysia… and what am I talking doesn’t seem to make sense… bah~

Perhaps Marion D’Cruz in “Who wants 1Malaysia?” said it better,

I am not interested in 1Malaysia. I am instead interested in Many Malaysias. I am interested in the idea that it is our diversity that is our strength. Not even unity in diversity. Just diversity and inclusiveness. The idea that we are many stories, many ideas, many possibilities, many bodies, many interpretations, multiplicity — all converging and diverging as well. I am interested in the alternative possibilities, the alternative stories, the alternative histories.

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